by Azerty

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All songs written and played by Pierre Leroy and Arnaud Clément. Recorded and mixed by Tristan Hoogewys in Brussels, 2012.


released February 1, 2013



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Track Name: The long road
Thousand miles and one way
Drawn by the smile of the day
No one knows where we go
Exept the lines on the road

The long long road

Both in the car we fly away
Across the hills, this quiet waves
Forward now to the unknown
There where the skyline shone

The long long road

And no, we aren't fleeing,
And no!
Track Name: Ballade
I sing lalala like a small prayer
It sound like a cry met for travelers
I sing lalala like a donkey shout
shattering the silence, voices of heart's drought

I sing lalala like a trembling light
a shy lullaby in the cold grey night
I sing lalala like a requiem
where leaves become tears a day of autumn
Track Name: Thrilled
I fell down quietly
In this mellow melody
That carries me out of me

I'm sweaty, thrilled
Thrills are running through me

Sunlight and meek breeze
Are licking my wet skin
Lying down there on the green
Track Name: The road will never end
Even if it's raining more than a rainstorm
Even if the earth cracks and loses her form
Even if the tiredness takes me away
I will find the strength in the light of the day

The road will never end
I carry my guitar and run

The last time I gaze at house and others dears
Don't worry about this, don't break into tears
If what they said is true your planet is round
If the highway don't slue one day I'll kiss you strong

Even if I tell you that I'm afraid
Even if I tell you that I have to escape

The world will grin at me
The woods will look after me